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Nestled in beautiful Old Strathcona, we share with you some unique eats from our paradise island of Mauritius. In fact, we are the only Mauritian restaurant in all of Western Canada.


Everyone knows about the Dodo bird, little did they know it was unique to Mauritius.

The island, with its vast colonial history, was visited by the Portuguese between 1507 and 1513. However, the first long-term settlers were the Dutch who named the island after their Prince Maurits Van Nassau. Unfortunately, the Dodo bird landed on the Dutch barbecue, leading to their extinction.

Later between 1715 and 1810, the French rule Mauritius, after which the island was captured by the British until the independence of Mauritius in 1968.

After the abolition of slavery on the island in 1835, the British went to India, China, Pakistan in search of indentured laborers.

Hence, Mauritian cuisine is fusion of European, African, Indian and Chinese influences.

We look forward to sharing our a taste of our paradise island with you.

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