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About Us

Established in  February 2015, Café Bel-Air is Edmonton’s first artisanal gourmet popsicle company.  Starting a popsicle business in the middle of winter, especially in Edmonton sounds like a paradox.  But through hard work and dedication, the organization won the 2015 Alberta Farmers Market Association (AFMA) “Bake it, Grow it, Produce it” award; which recognizes excellence and uniqueness.


To date, we have made over 100 flavors of popsicles.


Originally from the paradise island of Mauritius, our family moved to Edmonton in January 2005. 


Fast forward to February 2015, we started Café Bel Air, Edmonton’s first gourmet popsicle company after neighbors and friends encouraged us to start selling at the farmers market. In that same year, we won the Alberta Farmers’ Market Association (AFMA) Award of Excellence. In the beginning, we got some "weird looks" for selling frozen treats in the middle of winter, and some days we only sold five popsicles. But the flavorful and fresh treats eventually caught on and we were swamped by demand and soon we were making over 800 popsicles per week. We eventually had to move our production in a commercial kitchen.

We've been building our little business from the ground up over the years. In December 2021, we opened our first shop and we are the only Mauritian restaurant in all of Western Canada.

We look forward to sharing a taste of our paradise island of Mauritius with you soon.

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