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About Us

We're all about three things: amazing food, community and even better people!

Established in  February 2015, Café Bel-Air is Edmonton’s first artisanal gourmet popsicle company.  Starting a popsicle business in the middle of winter, especially in Edmonton sounds like a paradox.  But through hard work and dedication, the organization won the 2015 Alberta Farmers Market Association (AFMA) “Bake it, Grow it, Produce it” award; which recognizes excellence and uniqueness. To date, we have made over 100 flavors.


At Café Bel-Air We Do Things Differently

Strengthening our community in a unique way


Our mission is to enhance the independence and community inclusion of young adults with disabilities and low socioeconomic conditions through employment, training, and volunteering in the hospitality industry.


Café Bel-Air will strive for excellence to become a model organization in helping individuals with disabilities who have a passion for food realize their potentials in an inclusive society.


Integrity. We operate our organization ethically and with transparency.

Each other. We respect the rights, dignity and worth of all individuals.

Impact. We work towards the achievement of meaningful outcomes.

Engagement. We work with our partners to achieve success.

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