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Showcasing the best locally made

Creativity ~ Expression ~ Achievement

Being a big proponent of supporting a thriving and dynamic local community of artisans, artists, makers and other local businesses, we offer the perfect venue in the heart of 109 st near Whyte Ave for you to showcase what you have to offer.

Venue: Café Bel-Air

Date: First and last Friday and Saturday of the month

Time: 10-6

Cost per day: $150 + GST


You are responsible for your own display; which consist of one table and chair, etc. Set up starts at 8:00 am. All displays must be taken down and set back up each day. Take down will be between 6-7 pm. 

In the art studio, I promise to be an ARTIST

Have a Positive "I can do it" Attitude


Respect Ideas, Feelings and People

Try to do my Best, No I Can'ts


Show my Creativity. Make Unique Art


To prevent Injuries and Damage to Equipment


Stay on Task. Use Time Wisely

How do I display my art works in the gallery?

The gallery space is only for showcasing and promoting artists with disabilities.

Please contact the office for more information.

Are the arts on display in the gallery for sale?

Absolutely. In fact, this is the idea behind having an art gallery inside a café- you walk in for a coffee and pastry and possibly bring home an amazing piece of art. The best part is that the artist gets 100% of the sale price of their work. So, let us support local talents!


Apply Now 

This application does not guarantee you a spot.

You will be sent an invoice upon your confirmation. Payments can be made via email money transfer or by Visa or MasterCard. 

All payments are not refundable once confirmed. We may be able to re-book you to another date at our discretion.

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