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Your secret weapon to success

Server Assistant Program

Teamwork Makes A Dream Work! 

Server assistants, who are also called assistant servers, are people who help hosts and servers in restaurants, and are an integral part of a restaurant’s staff.

Your Server Assistant brings you repeat customers

Server Assistants render an important aspect of service that is overlooked by restaurant owners and managers. Perhaps it is because business owners think guests do not pay attention to the little things like how a table is cleared or when a water glass is topped off. Maybe it is a pervasive mentality that the job of Server Assistants is a simple job that anyone can figure out. But being a great Server Assistant is a complicated job that requires experience, training, and passion for the work.

Go to an average restaurant and you may see some tell tale signs of a neglected server assistant team.  Maybe you’ll be left too long with an empty glass or a pile of empty plates in front of you.  You could find your table wet from a quick wipe down or a chair littered with crumbs. When a table goes neglected for long stretches and then is suddenly barraged by a fast moving Server Assistant struggling to clear the table at the end of the meal, diners feel rushed, ignored, or worse–unimportant .  All of these things may seem minor at first, but when the problems add up during a meal, these little missteps begin to subtract quality points from your restaurant’s reviews.


“How hard can it be to clear a table?” We have heard many a customer say in frustration.  But the truth of the matter is, clearing and re-setting tables in a timely fashion isn’t a simple thing. The job of a server assistant involves removing the dirty glassware, silverware, and plates after use by guests. Everything else left on the table by the guests must also be removed. After doing this, they will have to rearrange the table in conformity with the in-house standards of the restaurant, by setting up plates, glasses, and any new utensils that have been left there before the table was used.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Ability to remove dirty dishes, clean and reset table in a timely manner

  • Arrange table set-up based on guest numbers

  • Empty trash

  • Bring clean glassware to the bar area

  • Bring out the linen

  • Fold napkins

  • Polish silver and glassware

  • Clean surrounding areas

  • Maintain proper dining experience: delivering items, fulfilling customer needs, offering desserts and drinks, removing dishes and refilling beverages

  • Must maintain hygienic behavior compliant with food service safety standards

Due to the huge success of this program, registration is limited.

For information on how to register to the program or to offer your ideas on other community needs that we could fulfill, please call us.

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