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High Charcu-Tea

A Unique Culinary Experience


The Battle of Grand Port was the worst defeat at sea during the Napoleonic wars in 1810 between squadrons of frigates from the French Navy and the British Royal Navy over the possession of the island of  Mauritius. At the end of the war between the nation of High Tea and the nation of Charcuterie was the creation of something special: "High Charcu-Tea", made in Mauritius (pun intended).

High Charcu-Tea: we might be the very first restaurant coining this word in Edmonton, let alone in Canada. It is unique representation of our culinary inheritance on a three-tier tower, rather than a spread as the traditional charcuterie board.



Our patrons come to Cafe Bel-Air for a unique culinary experience. Chances are they might never travel to such a remote African Island. Our responsibility is to take them to Mauritius through its culinary fusion.


This High Charcu-Tea tower is all about sea food, presented in unique canape style that depicts the high gastronomy of our island. Included: shrimp and Calamari cocktail with a tamarind cocktail sauce, creole shrimp chutney & crackers, tropical crab salad sandwich, tuna curry semolina ball,

fish cake tofu vindaye on open face bruschetta.


What's a charcuterie without cheese. We have an assortment of cheeses on this tower, some paired with fruits on a skewer. 


One will not find pretzels on our tower; they are not common in Mauritius. Rather one will enjoy murukku, a crunchy snack that looks like a pretzel of Southern Indian origin. Also included is "mixture" which is an assortment of sev (made with chickpea flour), chickpea splits and red lentils in spice seasonings. We also have jackfruit & banana chips.


No store-bought pickles on our tower. We make our own pickle. In Mauritius, pickled fruits known as ‘fruits confit’ is a summertime favorite. Included: pineapple pickle in a slightly spicy tamarind sauce, jicama pickle, granny smith apple pickle, field cucumber pickle, red onion.


Once again, no store-bought jam. To compliment the tropical vibe and seafood, we offer a mango jam along with some mini toasts. There is also an assortment of fruits: grapes, berries, kiwi, citrus, cantaloupe, neatly arranged throughout the tower. Finally we have a heart guava & cheese skewer. 



Tea, tamarind lemonade

Your table awaits!



Available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week.


Reservation and payment is made online only. 


Cancellation Policy: The deposit is a Non-Refundable Initial Payment.
If something does crop up, we will gladly, apply your reservation and payment to a future High Tea booking.


The menu is set and no dietary restrictions will be accommodated. Our establishment processes gluten, nuts, eggs, dairy, and other allergens.

Each person must have a seat booked regardless of age. We do not have a kid's menu.

For large group reservation, we only process one payment made online.

Unfortunately, we cannot split payment.

For a party of more than 4 people, please contact us for booking.

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