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Kitchen Ability Program

Your Special Chef!

Our Kitchen Ability Program provides people with disabilities essential social interaction and healthy activities to:

  • Develop easy food preparation skills to stay healthy

  • Promote independence

  • Increase social interaction and encourage friendship

  • Promote self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Use the training to find jobs in the culinary field and become financially independent

Why teach cooking skills to individuals with exceptionalities?

Learning to prepare simple meals can improve independence and nutrition. An individual with disabilities who acquires cooking skills may have an increased opportunity for employment in food industries, may save money by preparing economical meals, may use cooking as a form of recreation, and may experience social benefits by cooking with friends or preparing food for a potluck.

Kitchen Ability Program Overview.

Run by our loving team of trained health care aides and support peers, our kitchen Ability Program is a culinary workshop for individuals with disabilities, designed to train those individuals to become potential Kitchen Cooks.

A kitchen Cook is an entry-level kitchen position. This person will gain valuable experience that, in time, will prepare him or her to advance to the Line Cook position. A kitchen cook’s role is to efficiently prepare products for the Line Cook by following written recipes within a time frame. The kitchen cook must adhere to safety and sanitation procedures and processes at all times throughout the cooking process, including keeping accurate prep records. Kitchen cooks must be self-determined individuals who can work quickly and efficiently to fulfill the needs of the Line Cook.


Our kitchen Ability Program is divided into 2 sections:

1. Food Safety Basics (2 workshops)

Everyone attending our Kitchen Ability Program will be trained for Food Safety Basic. This is an interactive group training offered on the first day. In the end, our team will help you one-on one complete an online test, where if you pass a certificate from Alberta Health Services will be awarded. With this certificate of achievement, you have made the first huge step towards getting a job in the culinary field. Congratulations!

Special considerations will be provided to individuals with learning disabilities in order for them to succeed.


2. Kitchen Cook Fundamentals (10 workshops)

Our dedicated team will teach individuals with disabilities the techniques of food preparations, kitchen safety, the importance of a clean working space while handling food, packaging and inventory.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Kitchen Cook:

  • Prepares food safely in the kitchen

  • Cuts, mixes, blends, chops, dices, slices and prepares food for final cooking

  • Basic food handling and culinary skills

  • Maintain a clean working environment and hygienic behavior compliant with food service safety standards

  • Read recipes to prepare food

  • Utilize various kitchen equipment for food preparation (scale, large mixer, measuring cups, microwave, stove, oven, etc.)

  • Label and store food based on shelf life

  • Utilizes a prep list to determine which foods need to be prepared first based on cook time and need of item

Please note that the food preparation techniques is tailored according the café’s menu. A certificate of achievement will be awarded to successful candidates.


Fees: free for eligible candidates.

Registration is limited.

For information on how to register to the program, please call us to book an interview.

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