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Define what is possible!

Disability and poverty fuel each other in a cycle of hardship and deprivation that is difficult to escape. Disability stigma limits education, training, employment and income generation opportunities.

Employment is an important part of life for many reasons. Given the right support, people with disabilities can be an asset in the workplace and make a positive contribution to society. Our innovative employment program aims at ensuring that people with disabilities get the same opportunities as everyone else.

Who operates the Success to Employment Program (STEP)?

STEP is a service of Café Bel-Air, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta. The goal of STEP is to create employment opportunities in the food and hospitality industry for people with disabilities. We believe that all persons, regardless of their level of disability, can and should live and work in the community with dignity, choice and self-determination. We currently operate STEP programs in Edmonton.

What is STEP?

Developed in response to the low employment rate for individuals with disabilities in the food and hospitality industry, the Success to Employment Program (STEP) is a job training program for adults with disabilities.

STEP will: 

  • Provide integrated, community-based work experiences

  • Increase employability and marketability

  • Provide acquisition of tangible work skills

  • Evaluate and chart individuals' progress

  • Provide post-training job placement assistance


How is STEP different from other employment programs?

STEP is different from other employment programs for individuals with disabilities as we not only provide job search to adults with barriers to employment, but also  provide employment preparation training, and employment to many of our graduates. We are able to provide our graduates with employment because Café Bel-Air is a café after all. The organization also operates at various farmers markets, food truck events and summer festivals in the City of Edmonton.

What are the STEP programs?

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